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Bagging The Ideal Bagel

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Did you know that Bruegger’s holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Bagel? This isn’t such a surprising feat even if the bagel weighed in at a staggering 868 pounds considering that the chain produces approximately 70 million bagels every year!

But this begs the question: What makes the best bagel? Let’s take a look at what a bagel is and what things that can be done to make it more delicious.  

Round Bread with a Hole in the Middle

While its true origins aren’t known, bagels were already being enjoyed in Jewish communities in Poland since the 17th century. Today, these are popular breads in North America with bakeries, supermarkets and groceries selling them in fresh and frozen forms, as well as in a wide range of flavors.

Regardless of the flavors, a true bagel is a round bread with a hole in the middle. The toppings are usually sesame, poppy, or sunflower seeds baked on its outer crust for a crunchy feel. The top can also be sprinkled with salt.  

Simple yet Elegant Ingredients  

A bagel isn’t a bagel unless it’s made with a few chosen ingredients – high-gluten flour, water, salt, malt and yeast. Each baker has his own measurements but the common method of preparation involves boiling and baking the dough.

The result: The perfect bagel should have a rich caramel color – a pale and blond bagel isn’t the ideal bread for its fans. The slightly crispy crust should make a slightly cracking sound, too, when you bite into it.

You should also feel a distinct “pull” when separating a piece from the whole bagel, whether you’re biting into it or pinching it. You must also enjoy a chewy texture in its exterior while its flavor should be of a freshly-baked bread.  

Indeed, a perfect bagel will only maintain its perfectness when eaten warm or within 4-5 hours after baking. You may toast a bagel, of course, but you’re compromising on the taste and texture since it affects the bread’s overall quality.

But why the round hole in the middle? This has more than aesthetic purposes as the roll-with-a-hole design promotes even boiling and baking of the dough. The hole can also be used in threading several bagels with a string or dowel, thus, allowing for easier transportation.  

When you’re considering which of the menu items on a list of Bruegger’s Bagels catering prices you will order for your party, you should keep these things in mind. A bagel isn’t just a bread with a hole in the middle – it’s so much more than that! It’s a culinary experience, a culture, and a joy in one.  

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