Bruegger’s Bagels Catering Prices

Bruegger’s Bagels is a casual dining sandwich store, that specializes in one of a kind bagels, breads, and coffee. They only serve their customers the best bagels in town that can guarantee to make your taste buds light up with joy.

Aside from bagels, they also serve different items on their menus that are just as delicious, like the sandwiches, breakfast dishes, freshly baked bread, desserts, fresh fruit and sandwiches.

Here’s a list of Bruegger’s Bagels catering prices:


Bruegger’s Bagels Catering Menu

Breakfast Day Starters

Continental Breakfast (serves 6)$42.99
Continental Breakfast (serves 12)$79.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 12)$16.99
Bagel and Cream Cheese Box (serves 18)$24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 12)$24.99
Bagel and Muffin Box (serves 18)$36.99
Muffin Box (serves 6)$15.99
Muffin Box (serves 12)$31.99
Single Muffin Breakfast Box$6.99
Single Bagel Breakfast Box$6.99
Smoked Salmon Platter (serves 6)$42.99

Egg Sandwich Breakfast

Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 6)$72.99
Egg Sandwich Breakfast (serves 12)$139.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 6)$29.99
Egg Sandwich Box (serves 12)$59.99

Group Lunch Sandwiches

Lunch for the Group (serves 6)$89.99
Lunch for the Group (serves 12)$179.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 6)$99.99
Premium Lunch for the Group (serves 12)$199.99

Group Lunch Sandwiches

Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 6)$49.99
Small Bagel Sandwich Box (serves 12)$98.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 6)$59.99
Premium Sandwich Box (serves 12)$119.99

Boxed Lunches

Bagel Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1)$8.99
Premium Sandwich Box Lunch (serves 1)$9.99
Salad Box Lunch (serves 1)$9.99

Side Salads For Sharing

Blue Apple Salad (serves 6)$34.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 6)$34.99
Classic Caesar Salad (serves 6)$25.99
Garden Salad (serves 6)$25.99


Individual Soup (serves 1)$3.59


1/2 Dozen Cookies (serves 6)$9.99
Mini Cookies (serves 12)$18.99
Dozen Cookies (serves 12)$18.99
Brownie Box (serves 6)$12.99
Brownie Box (serves 12)$24.99


Fresh Cut Fruit (serves 8-10)$25.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Sweet (serves 12)$11.99
Bruegger Bites Snack Platter Savory (serves 12)$11.99
Extra Cookie (serves 1)$1.99
Extra Individual Yogurt Cup (serves 1)$2.69
Extra Chips (serves 1)$1.39

Bulk Beverages

Brew for the Crew Coffee (serves 6)$15.99
1 Gallon Orange Juice (serves 6)$14.99
1 Gallon Lemonade (serves 6)$9.99
1 Gallon Iced Tea (serves 6)$9.99
Brew for the Crew Hot Tea (serves 6)$15.99

Bottled Beverages

Bottled Water$2.29
Orange Juice
Cans of Soda (Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite)$1.99
Naked Juice (Naked Strawberry Banana)$3.89
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Apple)$2.79
Nantucket Nectar Juice (Lemonade)$2.79
Snapple Diet Peach Tea$2.49

Add On Items

Extra Bagel Sandwich (serves 1)$6.59
Extra Premium Sandwich (serves 1)$6.99
Extra Dozen of Bagels (serves 12)$9.99
Extra Tub of Cream Cheese (serves 5-6)$2.79
Add On Single Muffin (serves 1)$2.79
Add on Piece of Fresh Fruit$1.69

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Nordahi Brue and Mike Dressell founded Bruegger’s Bagels in 1983. Their first store opened in Troy, New York. Quality Dining later on bought the business, which is a franchisee in June 1996. Today, there are 300 Bruegger’s locations that are currently running in 26 states.

What are they famous for?

Obviously, Bruegger’s if famous for their bagels, but if you are still curious to know about which items on their menu sell the best to customers, here is a list of some of their best sellers:

  • Skinny Zesty Egg White – this bagel is made with turkey sausage, egg whites, sundried tomatoes, and Swiss cheese on a skinny bagel.
  • Spinach and Cheddar Omelet – this item on the menu is made with turkey sausage, ham, bacon, or sausage.
  • Chicken almond salad – this salad is made with red peppers, grilled chicken, toasted almonds, asiago, cucumbers, cheese, and tangy olive oil dressing. 

Why eat at Bruegger’s Bagels

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast food all day as well as freshly made bagels, then Bruegger’s is the best choice for you. With other items on their menu that will guarantee to make you come back for more, Bruegger’s Bagels are the best in town.

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