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Eggs Benedict: The Blessing of Heavenly Eggs

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Every self-respecting chef has his or her own version of eggs Benedict, the quintessential American breakfast and brunch item consisting of a poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and English muffin with either bacon, ham or prosciutto. In fact, the dish occupies a prominent place on a list of Bakers Square catering prices because the restaurant chain prides itself on its eggs Benedict.

But what makes eggs Benedict such a blessing from culinary heaven, particularly when it’s done the right way?  Let’s take a look.  

Eggs Are the Key

The eggs are the foundation of eggs Benedict so these must be chosen and cooked with care. These should be impeccably fresh when poached so that the freshness of the yolk and egg white can be savored with every bite. When less-than-fresh eggs are poached, the rest of the dish suffer, even when the other ingredients are top-notch.

Plus, the eggs should be poached according to order instead of being poached in batches, held in iced water, and reheated with each order. The poached eggs should also be drained to avoid soggy muffins.  

Rejoice in the Hollandaise Sauce

The best hollandaise sauce has a subtle lemon note, not a vinegary tang that takes away from the citrusy freshness that permeates the creamy, buttery and silky sauce. This must also be so silky that it glides along on your palate, a consistency akin to double cream but a tad firmer.  The sauce should also be thick enough to complement the eggs’ relative firmness.

Meats Matter, Too

The purists say that only York-style baked ham should be paired in an eggs Benedict. The ham should also be hand-cut into generous centimeter-thick pieces since the contrasts between the smooth eggs and hollandaise and the rougher ham is part of the appeal. Bacon can be substituted, of course, but purists draw the line at using other meats, such as chorizo, black pudding, and even smoked eel.

English Muffins Only, Please

Eggs Benedict is an iconic dish for a reason – you can’t play around with its main ingredient without changing the entirety of the dish.  You must use English muffins only because their robustness, density and absorbent qualities are the perfect complement to the egg yolk and hollandaise sauce.  

While the matter of garnishes is a personal preference, you will discover that chopped chives, parsley and tarragon will take away from the beauty of the dish, both on the plate and the palate. Just skip on them and savor eggs Benedict as is.  

Don’t forget to serve eggs Benedict on a warming plate and serve it with coffee. You will need the strong, robust and roasted edge of coffee to cut across the buttery hollandaise sauce.

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