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Finder Sandwiches Must-Haves For A Perfect Afternoon Tea

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For an afternoon tea, mini sandwiches are certainly something good to serve. Finger sandwiches look really nice if they are precisely made and presented on beautiful plates. Here are some things to consider when serving appealing and mouthwatering finger sandwiches during an afternoon tea.

Finger sandwiches should be small and cut into different shapes.

Mini sandwiches should only take up to three bites to consume. It should be likely to pick up and hold the sandwich in just one hand. It’s good to note that afternoon tea is a delightful affair and it is difficult to be elegant while chewing on a huge sandwich that you need to grasp in both hands.

Squares, triangles, or fingers are all popular picks, but most prefers triangle. You can see the delightful filling better with triangle cut and it is so much easier to lay the sandwiches out pleasantly.

Crusts should be removed.

It is best to take away the crusts after putting dressing on the sandwiches. You can snack on the crusts right before your visitors come to the venue. That way, you can seem attractively reserved when the other treats come out.

Serve different kinds of finger sandwich.

It’s recommended to serve an assortment of sandwiches during a full afternoon tea. You can serve up to five diverse fillings, depending on the quantity of guests coming. Unless you have mostly vegetarians in your guests, a selection of your preferred finger sandwiches from the ham to vegetarian varieties is ideal.

Pick flavors that complement your cake’s taste.

For an afternoon tea, it is significant not to serve too many strong flavors in the finger sandwiches, or it weakens from the mild taste of some teas, and definitely of the pastries, cakes, and other sweets.

When you’re getting a bit bored on your usual sandwiches, you can just change the flavorings that you use. You can use pepper, lemon, pepper, chives, dill, and cream cheese as the key ingredients to compliment the flavor of smoked salmon, but you can also use some more uncommon ingredients such as eggs, celery, chervil, sour cream, and cumin.

If you have an exceptional baker such Corner Bakery near your place, you can try out diverse sorts of sandwiches and bread for your full afternoon tea.  Their menu also offers a selection of gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, pasta entrées, and homemade soups that you may consider to serve in your next gathering.

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