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Food Trends In 2017 In The American Scene

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The American food scene typically follows the worldwide food scene – unless, of course, it’s fast-food we’re talking about then it’s all about American food.  In 2017, here are the cuisine trends that may influence the food served in American restaurants. You may just see a few of these trends in gourmet restaurants like the French Laundry, too!

Tataki Makes Its Mark

This is the cold appetizer that the Japanese loved on their tables. If you already love sushi and the like, then you will love tataki, too. Your palate will be excited by the raw meat or fish seared very briefly either in a pan or over a hot flame.

The meat or fish is then briefly marinated in vinegar before being thinly sliced and seasoned with ginger. You can also eat it with soy sauce and garnished ala sashimi.

Vegetables Come to the Fore

This isn’t just about Americans embracing the vegetarian lifestyle en masse. Think of it as more Americans finally realizing the benefits of vegetables in their diet, even when eating out.

And we’re not just talking about vegetables woefully served in their limp state. We’re talking about vegetable prepared and presented in the best possible way – colorful, crisp and flavorful. You may even be more convinced about becoming a vegetarian because of it.

And speaking of vegetables, cauliflower is set to be the new kale for 2017, as strange as it may seem.  Many restaurants are using the cruciferous white vegetable in more creative ways – roasted, layered into napoleons, and pureed into hummus.

You may even come across so-called kalettes. This is a Frankefood in the sense that it’s a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts. If you’re a fan of both vegetables, you may just like kalettes although many say that it’s an acquired taste.

Beef Takes Backseat

Beef will not entirely disappear from the American table because we’re a nation of meat lovers. But many restaurants are making beef more of a supporting player and less of the main star in their menus.

An example is that large beef steaks are becoming less common. These are replaced by smaller versions, such as in canapés. Of course, you can still order gourmet steak in restaurants and casino buffets because we love our meat.  

Of all the food trends for 2017, food stewardship is perhaps the best. The reduction, if not elimination, of food waste is a noble and attainable goal. A growing number of restaurants are on this path and, hopefully, it’s a trend that will be here to stay.  

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