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How To Eat Pancakes Anytime Of The Day Without Feeling Guilty

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Pancakes are one of the favorite breakfast meals in many homes. There is something about dipping a little sweet, chewy bite into maple syrup that both kids and adults just love. There are various mouth-watering pancakes with some of the most preferred toppings such as chocolate, peanut butter banana, apple, or blueberry. And even some stores offer healthier versions such as pancakes made with oats or quinoa. 

So below are few great tips that you may consider so you can enjoy your favorite pancakes without feeling guilty.

  • Whole-Wheat Flour to Increase Fiber. Most conventional pancake recipes use white flour, which has a neutral taste but doesn’t deliver much in the way of good nutrition. Use whole-wheat flour instead to make healthy pancakes. Whole-wheat flour contains 16g of fiber per cup as compared to 3g of fiber in white flour. If you are uncertain to create 100 percent whole-wheat pancakes, begin by replacing 1/2 of the white flour with same amount of whole-wheat flour.
  • Replace Whole Milk with Buttermilk or Skim Milk. Any additional taste we get from adding whole milk in batter isn’t worth the calories or extra fat. We rather melt a small amount of butter on the pancakes so we can actually taste it. Substitute whole milk in your mix with skim milk or buttermilk. Buttermilk in spite of its rich-sounding term is indeed nearly fat-free and buttermilk adds a nice strong flavor to the pancakes which you can’t taste from regular milk. IHOP offers mouth-watering buttermilk pancakes that you can enjoy without feeling remorseful.
  • Swap Oil for Butter. Butter is known to be high in saturated fat and considering you are adding other tasty ingredients to the pancakes such as fruit, buttermilk, or whole-wheat flour you will not even notice the difference.
  • Add Nuts or Fruit for Additional Flavor. You can put one cup of flavoring for every 1.5 cups of whole-wheat flour in your pancake recipe. Add some blueberries for added sweetness and cancer-fighting anthocyanins or even raspberries for a healthy dosage of vitamin C and fiber. Chopped toasted nuts, which actually add healthy fats, are likewise a great addition to the pancake, as are fiber-boosting ingredients such as oats and wheat germ.
  • Mind Your Pancake Toppings. One of the main reasons people love pancakes is because of that tiny butter as well as maple syrup on top of it. Just remember that a small amount goes a long way. One teaspoon of butter with a few tablespoons of maple syrup is all you just need. You can also try matching your pancakes with some fruits or berries for that added natural sweetness.

Pancakes can be part of a sound breakfast, lunch, or dinner if you consider these few tips. They’ll still be delightful and will be healthier for you than a conventional stack of white-flour pancakes overwhelmed in butter and syrup. 

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