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How to Make Comfort Food Healthy

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Many people deal with stress in different ways. While some people prefer to have a soothing massage at home, others love to spend time with friends at a desolate beach destination. There are some who cope with stress by consuming their comfort foods and beverages. It does not need to be fancy and expensive. It can be that mouthwatering main dish from the catering in a party you just attended or even a simple but luscious sweets from your favorite dessert store. What’s important is how it automatically removes your problems, even momentarily, with just a bite.

Most of the time though, that cuisine or food you crave may be filled with calories. This does not mean that you have to completely surrender your comfort food though. You can surely enjoy the best comfort dishes without having to worry about health risks.

Oven Baked Chicken

With so many choices for fried chicken, it is just a matter of time before you get a bite of that perfect mix of tender, juicy white meat and crunchy chicken skin. However, fried foods can be very unhealthy, since they increase the threat of developing diabetes or cancer. If you like a healthier option, substitute that deep fried chicken for an oven baked one and remove all excess oils. The baking process will draw out the chicken juices and perfectly crisp the outside, providing you the same feeling that you get when consuming fried chicken. 

No Bread BLTs

One can simply order it from restaurants or create one at home since it is pretty modest to make. This popular sandwich mixes zesty tomatoes, refreshing lettuce, and crispy bacon. Topped with mayonnaise and bread, the BLT is certainly delicious.

However, you should think of substituting mayonnaise, bacon, and bread with some healthier alternatives. Instead of using regular bread, try using whole wheat dough or Iceberg Lettuce to lessen carbohydrate intake. Instead of fried bacon, use an oven to remove bacon oil from your sandwich. Consider mixing your own mayonnaise by using nonfat yogurt and pepper to add some flavor. 

With these healthier varieties of your much loved comfort foods, you will not have to sacrifice your health for comfort. You can also order healthy food options from Chick-Fil-A as it is the first ever restaurant to offer a complete menu that’s entirely trans-fat free. They also offer grilled sandwiches, fresh salad entrées, and breakfast meals. Chick Fil A catering also offers a variety of delicious and fresh food for all gatherings.

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