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Making Your Pancakes and Waffles Tastier and Healthier

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The restaurant industry offers an abundance of tasty and healthy breakfast options, many of which actually have a homemade look and feel about them. Among these choices are pancakes and waffles, which are available at Waffle House locations.  

While both are tasty and healthy in their own right, you have to make the right decisions about them, too. Said decisions should include but aren’t limited to the portion sizes, types of toppings, and even frequency of consumption. You may even have to choose between eating pancakes and waffles!  

Which of the Two Is Healthier?

If there are no changes made to the typical recipes, dietitians say that pancakes have lesser calories than waffles although several factors must also be considered. The size of pancakes can usually be controlled so that it can be larger or smaller depending on the diner’s preference. In contrast, the size of waffles is already preset, so to speak, due to the waffle iron.

Emphasis must be made, nonetheless, that the batter for both pancakes and waffles are very similar. Both have flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk and baking powder, which should ideally be in their right ratios to achieve the right look  (i.e., fluffiness) and feel (i.e., neither too sweet nor too bland) in the mouth.

For this reason, both pancakes and waffles are good for your health. You will get carbohydrates, proteins and fats from the flour, eggs, butter and milk! Your vitamins and minerals will come from the healthy toppings chosen.

How to Make Them Healthier?

In the United States, pancakes and waffles are rarely, if ever, enjoyed without toppings. But herein lies the possibility for making unhealthy choices in the sense that you can go overboard with the toppings. Here are a few useful tips to enjoy both breakfast items while making healthy choices:

  • Add fresh fruits to your pancakes or waffles, such as bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Just add whatever fruit is in season for added flavor and nutrients.
  • Add nuts and seeds to the batter. Flaxseed, for example, increases the batter’s fiber content.
  • Skip the sugary syrups, melted chocolate, and whipped cream, as well as butter, powdered sugar, and jams or jellies.

Of course, the pancake and waffle batter matters, too. You can make it healthier by choosing ones with buckwheat flour or whole wheat flour, which will make you feel fuller longer. You will find restaurants that actually offer their diners such choices so it should be easy going from there.  

And don’t forget to eat in moderation! You don’t want to overindulge in pancakes and waffles three times a day because that would be unhealthy, if not boring.  

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