Morton’s Catering Prices

Steaks are among the most popular meat dishes in the United States. Morton’s The Steakhouse’s popularity then isn’t surprising considering that it’s among the best casual dining steakhouses in the country.

Here’s a list of Morton’s Steakhouse catering prices:


Morton’s Catering Menu


Chopped Salad (small)$31.00
Chopped Salad (large)$49.00
Morton's Beefsteak Tomato Salad (small)$32.00
Morton's Beefsteak Tomato Salad (large)$49.00
Caesar Salad (small)$27.00
Caesar Salad (large)$45.00
Morton's Salad (small)$27.00
Morton's Salad (large)$45.00
Tomato Mozzarella Salad (small)$42.00
Tomato Mozzarella Salad (large)$62.00
Iceberg Wedge Bites$25.00/person
Mashed Potatoes (small)$29.00
Red Bliss Potato Salad (small)$32.00
Red Bliss Potato Salad (large)$49.00
Grilled Jumbo Asparagus (small)$28.00
Grilled Jumbo Asparagus (large)$45.00

Primary Selections

Sliced Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches$38.00/dozen
Prime Mini Cheeseburgers$49.00dozen
Chicken Christopher Sandwich$35.00/dozen
Whole Beef Tenderloin (25-30 sandwiches)$195.00
Petite Lamb Chops$59.00/dozen
Maine Lobster Cocktail (small)$79.00
Maine Lobster Cocktail (large)$129.00
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail (small)$57.00
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail (large)$97.00
Miniature Crab Cakes$47.00/dozen
Colossal Shrimp Cocktail$59.00/dozen
Chilled Seafood Platter (serves 8-10)$174.00
Broiled Sea Scallops$53.00/dozen
Chicken Goujonettes (small)$27.00
Chicken Goujonettes (large)$45.00
Sliced Smoked Salmon (small)$49.00
Sliced Smoked Salmon (large)$89.00


Assorted Domestic & Imported Cheese with Fresh Fruit$39.99
Assorted Seasonal Vegetable Crudite (small)$37.00
Assorted Seasonal Vegetable Crudite (large)$55.00


Double Chocolate Mousse $36.00/dozen
Chocolate Cup with Signature Sabayon $36.00/dozen
Mini New York Cheesecake $36.00/dozen
Mini Key Lime Tarts$36.00/dozen
Mini Carrot Cake$36.00/dozen
Dessert Assortment $36.00/dozen

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In 1978, Arnie Morton and Klaus Fritsch founded Morton’s Steakhouse in Newberry Plaza in Chicago, Illinois. This is still open, a testament to the excellent decision by the original owners to open a restaurant with the customized burger created by Fritsch.

In 1987, Quantum Restaurant Group, Inc. bought the chain. In 2012, Landry’s acquired complete control over the chain and moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas.

Why Choose Morton’s Steakhouse for Your Catering Needs

Morton’s Steakhouse isn’t your usual steakhouse in the sense that the steaks offered to guests are sub-par, far from it. When you choose it for your catering needs, you gave the 100% assurance that your party will be a memorable one, thanks partly to the world-class steak dishes!

Of course, there are also many choices. These include appetizers, such as Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail, Ahi Tuna Tower, and Maine Lobster Cocktail; soups and salads, such as the Baked Five Onion Soup, Lobster Bisque, and Center-Cut Iceberg; and prime steaks and chops, such as Center-Cut Filet Mignon, Porterhouse Steak, and Signature Cut Prime New York Strip, among others. Add the chain’s signature dishes, such as the Chicken Christopher, Chicken Bianco, and Honey-Balsamic Glazed Salmon Fillet.

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