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Pasta Perfect: The Healthy Ways to Eat the Carb-rich Italian Staple

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Pasta lovers have a reason to rejoice! You can enjoy your favorite Italian staple without worrying about your high carbohydrate intake. You will still be able to get your six-pack abs or your toned belly even when you like to enjoy a pasta dish at Fazoli’s at least once a week.

Ask for Al Dente Pasta

The best Italian restaurants serve their pasta al dente since it’s the best texture for the sauce, meats and cheeses. But it’s also the best in terms of lessening the weight gain-related issues of eating pasta dishes, even when you like to indulge in it more than what your doctor advised.

Why is this so? When pasta is boiled in water, the hot water breaks down the bonds of its starch molecules. Your body will then have an easier time converting the carbs into fuel, which isn’t a good thing in terms of weight management.

Your blood sugar levels will also increase before crashing down within a few hours. Your cravings (i.e., hunger) will start as soon as your blood sugar levels have decreased. You are more likely to succumb to overeating just to satisfy your pasta cravings – and the cycle repeats itself again and again.

But when you eat al dente pasta, the starch molecule bonds aren’t as broken down as when it’s cooked well. Your blood sugar levels will stay steady so your body can ward off dips in energy and, thus, your cravings.

Choose Healthier Pasta

If you’re an American adult, you have probably consumed 20 pounds of pasta every year – and that’s plenty already. But what makes it even more alarming, health-wise, is that most of it is made of refined white flour. This isn’t just nearly completely devoid of protein and fiber, which are essential for effective weight loss, but it’s also filled with carbohydrates.  

You should consider healthier pasta, whether you’re eating at home or in a restaurant. Your choices include bean-based noodles and whole grains pasta, which many Italian restaurants are now offering to their health-conscious and adventurous diners.  These pastas contain more protein and fiber so you feel fuller longer, not to mention that these can lower your blood pressure level.  

You can also consider other options to make your pasta dishes healthier. You can, for example, use arrabbiata sauce since it is rich in red chili peppers, which boost your body’s thermogenic capability. You can also change your meat, such as switching from bacon to prosciutto or substituting lean ground beef for meatballs.   

Of course, just because your bean-based pasta has been cooked al dente doesn’t mean that you can indulge in two heaping plates. Moderation is still the key in enjoying your food and keeping a trim waist.  

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