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The Weird and Wonderful Coffee Products

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Coffee isn’t just the beans and the brown beverage. Indeed, coffee is a culture unto itself! Studies have been conducted about its physical and psychological effects, from providing the body with antioxidants to lifting the spirits of people who regularly enjoy it.

No wonder then that there are weird and wonderful coffee products available in coffee shops, supermarkets, and even department stores. Everything apparently can be made with coffee and its extracts!

The Weird Products

If the makers of these caffeinated products have their way, these things will not be weird anymore but will be accepted into the home of consumers. This may be possible in the near future but for now you may raise an eyebrow at these things.

  • Water coffee contains the same amount of caffeine as your regular cup of coffee but it isn’t as strong, just a subtle coffee flavor.
  • Snack puffs have a potent caffeine kick that each 1.5-ounce bag contains double the caffeine in a single bottle of Red Bull. Plus, the sugary taste counters the bitterness of coffee so the flavors can be an acquired one.
  • Brownies made from an Ames, Iowa-based bakery contains 200 milligrams of caffeine because you never can have too much coffee and chocolate.

Other more common coffee-based products are soaps, lollipops and marshmallows because you can also never start them on a coffee addiction too young. But perhaps the weirder product of them all are stockings, which are touted to ward off cellulite, and beers that combine an upper and a downer.

The Wonderful Products

Regardless of your taste for these weird coffee products, you will find that everyday products are best! You just have to take a look at a list of Biggby Coffee catering prices to set your mouth watering for its delicious coffee beverages including:

  • Lattes in various suggestive flavors, such as Butter Bear, Caramel Marvel, and Mint Mocha Latte, which are all coffee drinks made with steamed milk and espresso.
  • Café au lait, a coffee beverage made of French-pressed or strong drip-brewed coffee with the addition of steamed milk.
  • Espresso, a thicker coffee beverage with crema on top.

Whenever you’re in the mood for coffee, you just have to order your favorite coffee beverage from the nearest coffeehouse. You don’t even have to ground your own coffee because everything’s done for you and your job is to enjoy the concoction.  Now isn’t that such a wonderful privilege in our coffee-crazy society?  

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