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Tips And Tricks To Help You Organize A Stress Free Office Lunch Meeting

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Have you ever hired catering services for an office event or networking assembly? Whether it’s an informal gathering in the workplace for a simple celebration lunch or an elegant cocktail party, the reservations are similar.

Exceptional catering can be the outstanding spot in a very long and challenging day of training or meetings. It can refresh and revive everyone in the workplace. On the other hand, bad catering can result to a numerous concerns such as indigestion, slow, sluggish brains, blood sugar crashes, and worse.  If you are in-charge, it can bring you a lot burden to make certain the office lunch meeting is a success and that your coworkers and boss are delighted.

Here are top 10 expert guidelines which will guarantee the course of ordering incomparable catering at your next corporate event.

  1. Finalize headcount:  It sounds apparent, but some plans can change hastily and you don’t prefer to discover five minutes before the employee assembly that the entire marketing team is coming and you are in need of additional quesadillas.
  2. Add variety. Nothing excites employees more than to be satisfyingly surprised when working lunch choices expand outside the boring sandwich tray. If it is a regularly-scheduled department assembly, platters of scrumptious, filling Mexican cuisine served buffet style can be a great choice. Try Costa Vida’s delectable Mexican cuisine and be delighted with the same fresh and hand-crafted goodness that can get at every Costa Vida location.
  3. Go seasonal: If there is a celebration or holiday coming, consider adding a few clues to the decor and choices of food. It doesn’t have to be a full-on party to incorporate a little entertainment into the meeting. Use your imagination and be creative to brighten up everybody’s day.
  4. Think about food sensitivities: Early planning can cut down on complaining and make you a hero to those who are in Paleo diet. It is difficult to keep everyone pleased always, but nowadays having a gluten-free or a vegan option is a great start. In fact, this is practically important.
  5. Please the sweet tooth: While you have some healthy selections, don’t withhold on the occasional indulgence. At times the thought of appealing pastry or cupcake is one thing that keeps us going with so much energy.

As office manager, you surely have so much on your shoulder, and being responsible of getting all fed on a reasonable budget can be a bit demanding. But then again the way to a workers’ heart is through their stomach, so make it right and your colleagues as well as your boss will surely love you for it.

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