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Tips for Planning a Movie Date Night with Friends

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Movie night with your girlfriends is as stress-free as home entertaining gets. There’s no need to make invites, costumes, or decorations. You don’t need to roast a duck or prepare a signature cocktail. What you need are your friends, a movie, delightful snacks, and a place to watch with some sort of movie-watching equipment.

  • Pick a nice movie – Whatever it the movie is, it will be better than just sitting around and scrolling through Netflix. Your movie night with friends depends on your cinematic selection. It’s good to be smart and bold. Put some consideration into your program. 
  • Have enough seating for everyone – It shouldn’t be a surprise that friends are coming over your house, because you invited them. Bring in some chairs, or decorative ottomans, or floor pillows. Comfort is significant.
  • Offer delicious snacks – Finger foods are ideal as they can safely be eaten off a plate. You cannot go wrong with salted popcorn; it’s classic and not boring. Homemade treats raise the bar, but there’s no shame in takeaway. It’s a decadent advantage of modernity, having snacks delivered to you. Order some burgers, cheese dog, and fries from Checkers Sili.
  • Provide drinks – Drinks are a heaven of possibility. Good wine pairs well with all kind of movies, though it’s also great to have at least one or two festive non-alcoholic options, for non-drinkers, thirsty people, drivers, and friends who get sleepy.
  • Implement a “no phone” rule – Movie date nights are meant to be entertaining and fun, so never get carried away with imposing rules, but request everyone at the onset to keep their smartphones away. It is usually more enjoyable to focus on the film together rather than everybody looking at their phones.
  • Prepare for talk time – One of the best parts of movie nights is the talk time after the show. Turn the lights on, refill people’s drinks, and bring the snacks and treats back out. If you are nervous about keeping the discussion going, you can jot down some questions beforehand.

Movie date nights with your girlfriends are excellent way to spend time together. The essentials of getting together to enjoy a movie at home may seem simple, but then again to make it an enjoyable experience for all, you can put in extra work. Spend time and effort into wisely picking a nice movie, planning for extra seats, providing a wide variety of snacks, and keeping smartphones away while you watch.

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