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Top Six Mouth-Watering Mexican Foods You Should Serve Your Guests

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Mexican cuisine is one of the most favored foods all over the world. Mexican restaurants such as Café Rio offers cuisines based on natural, delightful flavors – like fresh fish and meats, luscious earthy sauces, as well as vibrant garnishes. Here are some of the delightful Mexican foods that you should consider serving to your friends and colleagues when they visit your home.


Literally means toasted, tostadas are simple but enjoyable dish including corn tortillas fried in hot oil until they turn golden and crunchy. These tortillas are served alone or loaded high with numerous garnishes. Popular ingredients and toppings contain frijoles or refried beans, cooked meat, cheese, ceviche, and seafood.

Chilaquiles – This famous conventional breakfast dish is comprised of lightly fried tortillas cut into quarters and decorated with spicy red or green salsa. Fried or scrambled eggs and pulled chicken are typically added on top of it, as well as cream and cheese. Chilaquiles are frequently served with a healthy amount of refried beans or frijoles.


Back to Mayan period when community in the Valley of Mexico would consume corn tortillas covered around small fish. Today both flour and corn tortillas are used and filled with cheese, meat, beans, vegetables, seafood or all of these. The stuffed tortillas are coated with a chili sauce making enchiladas an ideal Mexican breakfast.


This is a traditional Mexican food composed of a wheat or corn tortilla rolled or folded around some filling. A taco can be created with an assortment of delicious fillings, including pork, beef, seafood, chicken, cheese, and vegetables, allowing for excellent variety and versatility. A taco is usually consumed without dining utensils and is often go with garnishes such as chili pepper, salsa, avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lettuce.


This dish is comprised of tortilla chips covered with either cheese or cheese-based salsa, and is regularly served as a snack. Other versions of nachos include more satisfying ingredients, which can be offered as a main meal. The original nachos involved fried corn tortillas coated with melted, tasty cheese and some sliced jalapeño peppers.


This is a flour tortilla but also at times made with a corn tortilla filled with tasty cheese and grilled. Other ingredients, such as a savory blend of vegetables or spices, are regularly added. A full quesadilla includes two tortillas packed with cheese and loaded on top of each other.

So if you’re craving for Mexican food or wanting to serve these delicious meals, make sure to visit Café Rio and order tasty and traditional Mexican treats. From tortillas and tacos to spicy stews and soups, the Mexican food is guaranteed to satisfy guests when you are entertaining.

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