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What Are The Best Steaks To Order At Steakhouses?

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The taste in steaks is always a matter of personal preference – and that’s a fact. Many people like their steaks to be rare but many others also like theirs to be well-done. Many diners order their steaks with just the potatoes while many others like the works including potatoes, mushrooms and onions.

Regardless of the personal preferences, two things are non-negotiable in the best steaks – tenderness and juiciness. The broiled or grilled meat should be tender as to almost melt in the mouth and juicy with each bite providing an explosion of delicious flavors.

This begs the question: What are the best cuts of steak to order in restaurants? You will need the answer to this question when you’re looking at the choices in the list of Black Angus Steakhouse catering prices.

New York Strip

This is arguably the best steak when it comes to the right balance between fat and lean meat content. The New York strip has a unique flavor, often described as buttery, as well as a tender texture like the filet mignon and a succulent taste like the rib-eye. Plus, it has lesser amount of fat than the rib-eye, even when served in its bone-in version.

Rib-eye Steak

The rich fat marbling in rib-eye steak makes it the juiciest and, thus, the most flavorful of all the steak cuts. The beefy texture and fatty taste make for a robust steak that make it the most popular choices among steak aficionados. But it can be too fatty for a few people so again personal taste comes into play.

Tenderloin Filet

Known as filet mignon, the tenderloin filet is so tender to the bite that even a baby, so to speak, can enjoy every bite. But with tenderness comes the fact that it also has the mildest flavor in comparison to the rib-eye steal and New York strips. Since it has little fat marbling, it also has the highest lean meat content, a godsend for steak lovers on a diet.

T-Bone Steak

The T-bone steak is a two-in-one deal. You will get both the New York strip and the tenderloin steak but it should be served rare or medium-rare. This is because overcooking can happen beyond these stages.

Porterhouse Steak

The porterhouse steak is a cross between the New York strip and the filet mignon, as well as larger than the T-bone steak. In fact, it’s the T-bone’s larger version, thus, its name as the king of T-bones with weights starting at 20 ounces.

After deciding on the type of steak you want, your next step should be to decide the size of your order. You’re on your own at this point because appetites are always personal.

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