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Why Catering Services Work Best for Company Getaways

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Company outings to a nearby outdoor destination is maybe being planned out. While there are some talks of doing potluck for company trips wherein small groups are involved, how are you going to feed everybody during a huge company getaway?

Hoping that each department and staff will bring their assigned meal for potluck is good, but what is even better–and what gives you peace of mind at the same time–is to hire a catering service such as Buca Di Beppo to fulfill your requirements flawlessly. Catering services are not essentially just for grand events. They can craft a menu plan for whatever number of participants you would have to feed.

Here’s why catering services will work best for any company outing:

No need to think about how to feed everybody.

The traditional way, which is having a potluck party, works fine for small groups, of maybe ten or less individuals. But then again when it comes to serving beyond that number, a reliable catering service’s expertise will surely help you.

No need to worry about picky eaters.

Catering services are well-known for their dishes that will satisfy any group, even the hard to please eaters. There is surely something that they love from the caterer’s menu.

No need to rely on the meals that will be offered by the hotel.

If the hotel you have chosen to stay in doesn’t serve sumptuous food, or can’t accommodate such a huge crowd all at once, that is going to be a big problem. For a catering service company, no place is too remote or too far for them to serve you.

Modify food choices depending on number of participants and your budget.

Catering services understand that all companies are working on a strict budget, and they will gladly accommodate any requests when it comes to budget restraints. Simply ask on what particular item you can reduce costs. Food packs can be more inexpensive compared to a complete catering service with table and chair set-up and wait staff.

Delegating at its finest.

Staff attend company outing to have fun and enjoy, and not to worry about bringing enough food for everyone, and cleaning up after. Let the catering services do all of that, so that your staff can unwind and relax as planned.

A company catering service is a useful resource that you should consider for your next company outing. Not only will catering service be able to offer good food, but they will also handle all aspects.

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