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Your Eating Behaviors: The Astounding Details That Creates A Difference

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Just had a long day at work and too exhausted to prepare your dinner?  Why not treat yourself to an evening of indulgence with a banquet that comforts, surprises, and satisfies your taste buds.  The tempting aromas of smoky mountain chicken and fresh herbs and spices tickle your senses the second you enter Ruby Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday welcomes anyone or any group looking to spoil in a night of sumptuous meal.  But do you know that ambiance plays an important role in your eating behaviors? The sounds, the lights, the people, and the smells – they are all factors that come together to affect our eating manners.

Ambiance. The environmental particulars of a restaurant can affect your insight of food and food selections. When you go out to a restaurant, you visit for the full experience and not just for the menu itself. You prefer to be treated special, and the atmosphere of a restaurant most definitely contributes to these moods. The accurate ambience will let you to look around and enjoy yourself, and maybe even stay a bit longer than planned, just because you want to soak in the ambiance of the place.

Sound:  Music and sound in general impact meal extent and food consumption. The louder the sound played at an establishment, the more you drink of your beverage. When you were exposed to lurid, unpleasant noises for at least two minutes while eating, your blood pressure, heart rate, and food intake may increase. Regulating loudness of sound, temperature of the place, and lighting, slow and soft music while eating may considerably increase the period spend dining.

Color: Thought to sway mood and food insight and preference based on previous experiences. Shades and tints can actually affect your food choices and likewise affect the quantity of money you spend in a food establishment. Different hues stimulate diverse emotions and can greatly impact moods of hunger and thirst. Green has always been the hue to be related with nature, and it generates a relaxed ambiance in the restaurant. Dark, earthy shades when painted onto the restaurant walls in light hues and combined with a bit lighting of warm shades helps you relax and prefer to stay more.

Other important factors that can affect your eating habits include lighting, smell, perceived food superiority of the food establishment, restaurant prices, facades, and the period of day. Next time you are eating a meal alone or with friends, take subtle note of the restaurant atmosphere.

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