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Getting the Best Root Beer Experience

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Of all the beverages that the entire family can enjoy, root beer is on top of the list! Don’t be fooled by the name because root beer isn’t your usual alcoholic drink because it has a sweet taste that everybody loves. Most love it just the way it is while many others also love it in floats.

But getting the best root beer drinking experience demands certain steps. Let’s take a look at these steps so that you can apply them during your next sip of the A&W draft beer.  

Start with a Frosted Glass

Keep in mind that the container is as important as the beverage when it comes to drinking root beer, as is the case when drinking beer. Root beer, as any enthusiast will say, can best be enjoyed when it’s served in a frosted glass – not a plastic glass, not a mug, and absolutely not a foam cup.

Why is this so? When you pour a cold root beer into a frosted glass, you will observe that the root beer starts forming a rich foam – and that’s exactly what you want in the beverage. The resulting smooth, creamy and viscous texture most associated with the best root beer develops from it, not to mention that root beer isn’t root beer without the foam.  

You should first place the glass, preferably a tall glass mug, into the water. Be sure to pour just a bit of water into it so that when it turns to ice, it will help in freezing the cold root beer upon contact. You will not need ice cubes just to enjoy cold root beer served the right way.

No Ice Cubes

When you mix ice cubes with the root beer, you will get a diluted drink when these start melting. You’re making things worse when you pour root beer at warm temperature into a glass with several ice cubes. You’re not just getting a diluted drink, you’re getting an insipid root beer – and life’s too short for it.  

Pour at an Angle

Like its alcohol-filled cousin, root beer should also be poured at an angle from the can or bottle to the frosted glass. You will get a “good head” from the beverage, a must for enjoying it.

You should also never use a straw for drinking root beer, no matter how ladylike it may seem. Just drink it straight from the glass and savor the refreshing flavors that only root beer can give.  

When you’re looking at the A&W catering prices, you have to factor in the costs of the root beer, too. You and your guests will love drinking as many of the frothy drink as you want during your party.  

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