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Four Tips on Organizing a Memorable Conference Party

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No memorable business conference is successful without a chance for delegates to meet other personalities, network, and fortify relationships. Conference party is a great opportunity for your guests to socialize beyond of the formal arrangement of a conference, so it is significant to make it work as a separate event, and use it to advantageously fulfil your conference purpose.    

  • Think strategically:  If the business conference has a particular theme, be sure that this is clearly reflected during the event planning course and that you make the party unforgettable for the right causes. It’s important that guests come knowing the purpose of their attendance. Think of unique features and that will impress your guests and give talking points.
  • Entertainment:  Good entertainment is an important element in making your party successful. If you want your event to end impressively, be sure that you pay enough attention to matters that might work best with your event venue and with the participants you have. Creative use of stand-out room decorations or lighting work well and take participants to a place beyond the standards of a networking event.  
  • Venue:  Getting the appropriate venue is important both for a successful conference and productive conference party.  Preferably you want your conference party space to be in a different area from your conference, and maybe have some stand-out factors that provide your guests some talking points. For instance if your event venue has an impressive basement space, or a huge roof terrace with wonderful views, then you may consider booking that out for your conference party. 
  • Food and drinks: Keep in mind that there should be sufficient food and drinks to keep guests satisfied and pleased.  Finger food, canapes, sandwiches, and salads are the most fitting options for a conference party. Consider getting the services of Cosi catering as they offer a great variety of fresh and healthy meal choices that are all appropriate to any occasion.

Choose fares and beverages in the brand colors of the host association, and decorate the party place to match.  If the catering menu can’t be modified, try serving the meals in a unique way to make another talking point.

A remarkable conference gathering can take your guests’ experience to the next level.  You surely want your delegates to leave the event and reminisce it for all the correct reasons.  A good conference party can deliver that final positive energy, while one that is poorly conceived and planned will make the event uninteresting.

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