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Five Tips to Make Your Picnic in the Park an Enjoyable One

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Going outdoors with a packed picnic basket is one of the best activities everyone enjoys during summer. But before you settle and relax into a shaded spot to eat your sandwiches and chips, there is a plenty of preparation to be done.

Pack with style

Choose your picnic equipment carefully – nothing reduces spirits more than a leaking cool box. Before you hit the road, check your cool box is shut tight. Plastic bottles or cups are best for kids to avoid breakages. If you are bringing wine glasses, pack a lightweight tray or coaster to place them on during pouring, and if you are consuming cork-sealed wine, don’t forget to bring a bottle opener.

Food safety

There is no need to risk an upset stomach if you plan and pack cautiously. Ice packs and cold boxes are essential to make certain that items commonly stored in the fridge freezers stay as cool as probable, so keep food items like dairy dishes, meat pies, and fish stowed away, and do not delay tucking in once you have reached your picnic destination.

Though it may look tempting to lay out your food for everyone to see, keeping your fare on cool box will lessen the risk of having to discard anything that has sat in the scorching sun all day. Carry anti-bacterial gel or some hand wipes, and make certain that hands are clean before eating.

Final flourishes

Avoid soggy sandwiches and salads by keeping components such as fillings and dressings stored away in different containers until they are needed. Add ingredients such as pre-chopped fruit or goat’s cheese to your sweet course at the last minutes.

Portable classics

Pies, sandwiches, eggs and chicken drumsticks are regarded classic picnic fares for one reason – they are all finger foods that are easy to carry around. Make a batch of mini chicken pies with piccalilli to enjoy as a centerpiece. Bacon-wrapped or spicy drumsticks are also sure to please a crowd. 

Sweet treats

There are many picnic-friendly and delicious treats such as buttermilk biscuits of Bojangles to choose from. Loaf cakes are also ideal just be sure to slice before storing if you are not bringing a sharp knife. Shortbread, cookies, and brownies are very easy to wrap and share out. If you are after treats that are more stylish, jars make perfectly divided containers to transport softer sweet course like strawberry and cream cheesecakes.

Make dining alfresco more fun and memorable by bringing along all these essential picnic supplies and fares. 

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