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Ice Cream on a Weight Loss Diet

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You have probably heard of the ice cream diet but we don’t recommend it because it isn’t a safe and effective diet for weight loss purposes. You will, however, benefit more from adopting a healthy diet of fresh fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, lean meat and fish, and legumes, nuts and seeds in moderate quantities. You can also, fortunately, eat ice cream without feeling guilty about your occasional indulgence and here’s how you can do it.

Stick to Ice Cream, Period

You may think that a cup of frozen yogurt is a better option than a cup of ice cream – and you’re correct but only up to a certain point. Keep in mind that the former has approximately 350 calories while the latter has about 500 calories.

But since you’re likely to indulge in another cup of frozen yogurt because it’s the “healthier” choice, you’re actually increasing your caloric intake to 700 calories. Plus, frozen yogurt can actually enhance your sweet tooth so you’re likely to eat two cups, too.

The better choice: Eat half a cup of ice cream just to satisfy your sweet tooth for it. Be sure to limit the number of times in a week you eat it as well, such as just once a week on your cheat day.

Stick to Natural Toppings

Hot fudge, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, crushed Oreo cookies, and cake bits. These are just a few of the toppings that can be used to spice up your ice cream treat and we can’t blame your affection for them.

But if you want to stick to your weight loss diet yet indulge in the creamy treat, you should skip on these toppings. Your best choices are fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries and mangoes, among others, as well as honey as a natural sweetener. You will get a sweet rush from these natural toppings without the extra unwanted and unhealthy calories.

If you’re ordering from the Baskin-Robbins catering prices list, you can check about the availability of fresh fruits on the menu. You can still add the usual toppings of sauces, cookies and cakes but the addition of fresh fruits is a thoughtful touch for the people on a diet.  

Better yet, stick to the classic plain flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry instead of the multi-flavored ones like rocky road, peanut butter, and cookie dough.  You can get your added kick from the natural toppings.  

And avoid the wafer cones, especially the chocolate-dipped cones, if possible, since these add more calories to the mix. A shallow dish enough to hold half a cup of ice cream with toppings should suffice.  

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