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Summer and Seafood Feasts: The Right Way to Do It

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When you’re looking at a list of Bahama Breeze menu, your first observation will likely be the summery vibe of its food and drinks selection. You will find plenty of seafood dishes that can satisfy your cravings for shrimp, oysters and clams without going over the budget. Your craving may just get the better of you and, thus, you may find yourself in an indulgent seafood feast.  

But wait! You shouldn’t indulge too much in a seafood feast even when seafood is a better option than meats for many reasons. You have to keep in mind that too much of a good thing will be bad for your mind and body, especially as seafood still contains calories and fats. You may even develop allergic reactions when too much seafood is eaten in a single day.  

Here then are the right ways to enjoy a seafood feast in the summer – or during any season, for that matter, since Bahama Breeze provides catering services the entire year – without adding to your waistline.  

Set a Seafood Limit

Even when you’re sorely tempted to heap your plate with seafood, you must hold back and set a limit. You can, for example, get a few prawns, crab legs, and oysters just so you can have a taste of each one. You may then fill your plate with the other dishes on the menu, such as a vegetable salad, for your stomach to feel full.  

Since you have a seafood limit, you should also make a conscious choice of savoring every bite. Instead of eating a single prawn in a single bite, take a small bite and savor the flavors in your mouth before taking another bite. You will find that doing so will not only increase your enjoyment of the food but it will also ward off your eat-as-fast-as-you-can urge.  

Fill the Spaces with Salad

Your plate will have spaces in between the few pieces of seafood. But instead of filling it with carb-loaded dishes, you have to reconsider your options so that you’re not loading up on calories.

Your best choice is filling your plate with vegetable salads, which will add vitamins, minerals and fiber to your diet. Plus, vegetables will take off the edge off your hunger without adding large amounts of calories.  You will also find that the vegetables are the perfect complement to the seafood, especially when you choose healthier dressings like vinaigrette.  

When ordering seafood dishes from the likes of Bahama Breeze, you’re well-advised to provide your guests with a nice and balanced spread of seafood, vegetables and meat. Your thoughtful decisions will go a long way toward helping them maintain a healthy diet in a party setting, too.

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